Saturday, February 12, 2011


This inner grief
Destroying the walls of humanity.
My faith burnt to ashes.
This existence loses any meaning

Darkness shining through the wastelands...
Hearing voices yet again.
The shadows of death surrounding me.
Tearing at me yet again.

I stand above a grave...
My corpse rotting beneath my feet.
I see visions of blood and gore
Feel the old wounds reopening.

Tired of fighting these voices.
Tired of fighting this life.
Tired of soldiering on this meaningless existence
I just wish to sleep.

I can feel the vultures circling above me.
Can feel my soul walk towards its end.
The path of unlit candles...
The path of sunken gravestones.
The graveyard of death...
The graveyard of life.

Soon, death will envelope me
Soon, I shall bid farewell to this dream.
Soon, I shall escape this void.
Soon, I shall die

I will Live...

Friday, February 11, 2011


Dreams of death
Dreams of destruction
Suffocating shadows.
Crippling darkness.

Driven by nameless fears.
Driven by a faceless shadow
Tired of this futile resistance.
Tired of the ghosts of days past.

Fading Dreams for a present...
Broken dreams for a future.
Cut down these wings.
Let them not flutter.

In a pool of blood I drown
The blade, my only hope
Tear away at this shell that holds the spirit
Tear away at this life

The path is clear
Only death is certain
As I stare at the lights far away,
My vision slowly fades...

The sacrifice has been performed.