Thursday, August 14, 2008


This darkness
envelopes me
destroying me
gone are my dreams
replaced by this twisted, contorted nightmare
the nightmare i m living in
where are the promises?
where have they dissapeared?
the promise of happiness...
the promise of realising my dreams...
the promise of sanity
the promise of life

insanity concealed within this flesh
hatred, misery, anguish, grief
ruling over me
forced to live...
not allowed to exist...
there is no purpose
no reason

this soul torn apart
ripped open
the will to dream is gone
the will to fight this insanity is gone
i have no choice but to submit
to submit to this nightmare...
to submit to this self-destruction
there is no life
there is no hope
as a meaningless empty shell i exist...
nothing left to feel
there is nothing left to heal...

Monday, August 11, 2008

total negation...

this soltitude....
so barren
so empty
so cold
so distant
i bid farewell
to this world
this cold cruel world
as this time slips by
i feel the end approaching me
i feel nothing but pain
this bitter, yet beautiful pain
everything is just a haze
a hazy blur made of my own fears and failure
i cry in shame of knowing my faults
but it doesnt seem to help anymore
these wounds refuse to close
forever open, reminding me of what i so despise
scarred and broken
i break, i grope, i fail
i suffer.....
shrouded by darkness
i slowly wither away
draining myself from everything,
i will leave today,
leave this life i so despise
broken by these flowing tears,
i will give it all up
my life, my dreams, my everything......