Monday, March 31, 2008

R.I.P Cryptopsy

aah...look how the mighty have fallen. it is amazing what cryptopsy have descended to. Now, this is the band that made a brutal death metal classic in 'None So Vile'. and now....just descended to utter crappiness (if it is a word) and utter mediocrity.

I remember a few weeks back, i was browsing around in metal-archives and it turned out they had a female in the band as well as a guy to sing clean and growls. And the guy was from a metalcore band named '3 mile scream'. and if that wernt enough, they changed their myspace page to "death metal/metal/Hardcore"...but well...i thought, how bad could it be? it is cryptopsy after all...cant be bad, right? WRONG. what followed was something i couldnt believe. the new cryptopsy wasnt bad, it was downright horrible.

Here's what guitarist Alex Aburn has to say about the new style: "Fans will be amazed by the diversity and open minded vision of Extremes for this particular entity." BULLSHIT...i m not amazed...the 2 new tracks signify everything cryptopsy shouldnt stand for. i wonder what they were thinking when they made these tracks.

so I finally got around to listening to the couple of leaked tracks of nĂ¼-Cryptopsy.

"Bemoan the Martyr:" holy nu-metalcore. The bass-only intro of the song sounds like fucking Korn. The groove riffs in this track are reminiscent of metalcore but they're way more fucking nu-metal than anything. And Flo Mounier's busting the hip hop beats. Holy Shit. The worst part about this isn't that they sold out, but that the songs sound fucking INCREDIBLY dated. What the fuck is this, 1997?

"Resurgence of the empire" is is the clean vocals doing in the 2.20 mark? and worse is the clean vocals around the 3:15 mark...holy shit...and signature changes that sound forced and are utter bullshit.

And what's the deal with the chick? I didn't hear once a fucking keyboard. She's not hot enough just to have the token hot chick so what's the deal? then why is she there?

thankfully the response to this unaduterated bullshit has been one of disbelief and an outpouring of hatred and intolerance. and flo mounier (the only remaining original member from the band) has the cheek to call the fans as "close-minded". Fuck you Flo. we didnt reject this bullshit cuz its not heavy. we rejected it cuz its a load of crap. And the fact is that flo, YOU SOLD OUT. You cant be open-minded to bullshit anyway.

I was on cryptopsy's side when people unmercifully shouted "rename the band please" But now i see where these people are coming from. In fact, i ll be the first one to rename the band Cryptopsy is doomed. They are dead now. I am glad Lord Worm and Jon left when they did..They would be laughing their ass off right now.

in conclusion, i guess, Lord Worm IS cryptopsy. this isnt cryptopsy, this is CRAPtopsy. Rename the band please, flo.

R.I.P Cryptopsy : 1992-2007

this is a fan-art of their new album cover. how fitting... -

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