Thursday, April 10, 2008

will i ever...

under bitter sorrow and scorn,
i was somehow born...
strewn in black decay
i just cant wait to fade away....
my life is taken from me
i am left empty
soulless, heartless, gutless,
i somehow exist
i live to die
i lie in wait
for death's sweet embrace
when will death come take me away?
when will i escape?

i have been cursed...
been given the curse of life
what have i done to bring this upon me?
its destroying me
punishing me
whipped mercilessly
with this stick of thorns,
i feel my spirit bleed.....

in desolation i weep
begging for the earth to swallow me
this human blade....piercing through my flesh
numbing the mental pain...
i see no end to this pain
forever falling through this abyss

my strength has been drained away
i have been left dry
i can see nothing in front of me
just darkness....
a bitter black
freezing hell....
oh god....when will this end?
what do i have to do,
to bring an end to this pain?

i can only find solace in death
this life isnt worth living
this foul existence has taken its toll on me...
i call upon death
to save my soul
to save what is remaining of me
one day i will die
and i will find peace,
in the wreckage of my flesh,
in the nakedness of my death.........

will i ever be happy?
will i ever melt in death's embrace?
will i ever see the flowers bloom again?
will i ever laugh again?
will these tears of blood ever stop?
dripping one by one,
staining the dust in my mind....
will these shadows ever lift off my head?
will i ever see the light?
will i....
will i ever live?.........