Friday, April 10, 2009

in solitude...

to the abyss.
seeking something more
where is this life you speak of?
i am alive,
yet why do i feel dead?
writhing in solitude,
i feel alone...
alone and cold, in this lifeless void
blinded by this darkness
nothing seen, nothing heard
i ache for the end
the end of this curse
this suffocation
when will it end?
a disease with no cure
a plague with no end...

i must find an answer.
an answer to this misery.
i run the rope through my cold hands
feel it tighten around my neck.
my impure blood...
slowly drips to the ground.
visions of a fading life...
memories of a fading past...
take me to death
take me to the place where all hunger will cease
take me to the place where all misery will cease.
take me to death...

1 comment:

Blue~Flame said...

Gautam, a lil hope, a lil cheerfulnees, a lil optimism, would it kill you?