Monday, August 11, 2008

total negation...

this soltitude....
so barren
so empty
so cold
so distant
i bid farewell
to this world
this cold cruel world
as this time slips by
i feel the end approaching me
i feel nothing but pain
this bitter, yet beautiful pain
everything is just a haze
a hazy blur made of my own fears and failure
i cry in shame of knowing my faults
but it doesnt seem to help anymore
these wounds refuse to close
forever open, reminding me of what i so despise
scarred and broken
i break, i grope, i fail
i suffer.....
shrouded by darkness
i slowly wither away
draining myself from everything,
i will leave today,
leave this life i so despise
broken by these flowing tears,
i will give it all up
my life, my dreams, my everything......

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